LGBT Homeless Youth – Denver

Fact sheet: Homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth in Denver,
1) How many homeless youth in the city/state?
a) Denver: There were 853 homeless youth (ages15 to 25) in the metropolitan Denver
area in 2004 according to the Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative, Inc. (Source
b) Colorado: There are an estimated 1,500 homeless youth in the state of Colorado at any
given time according to the web site of the Colorado Department of Public Health and
Environment. (Source:

2) How many are LGBT?
a) Denver: We estimate that between 170 and 340 homeless youth in Denver identify as
b) Colorado: We estimate that between 300 and 600 homeless youth statewide are LGBT
c) These calculations are based on research that demonstrates that 20-40 percent of all
homeless youth identify LGBT.

3) What are the public agencies that deal with homeless youth?
a) The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) houses the Office of Homeless
Youth Services within the Division of Supportive Housing and Homeless Programs.
CDHS also houses the Office of Children, Youth and Family Services, which in turn
houses the Division of Child Welfare.

4) What has the city/state done to address needs of homeless LGBT youth?
a) The city of Denver has implemented a 10 year plan to end homelessness called
“Denver’s Road Home.” However, there is no specific LGBT youth focused effort.
b) Jamie Vanleeuwen is the project manager of this plan and is personally committed to
serving the LGBT homeless population (see Jamie’s contact info on the next page).

5) Contact information for a Denver service provider with expertise on LGBT youth:
Urban Peak Denver
Craig Archibald, CEO
730 21st Street
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-777-9198
Fax: 303-295-6116

Susan Boyle of Urban Peak in Denver contributed a chapter to the study Lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender youth: An epidemic of homelessness, which focuses on specific challenges facing transgender homeless youth and the agencies seeking to serve them.
Susan is no longer with the agency.

6) Contact information for public agencies or key person’s office:

a) Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS)
1575 Sherman St., Denver, CO 80203
Tel: 303.866.5700
Fax: 303.866.4047

b) Office of Children, Youth and Family Services
Office Director: Steve Bates
1575 Sherman Street
enver, Colorado 80203
Telephone: 303-866-4426

c) Division of Child Welfare
Director: Ted Trujillo
1575 Sherman Street
Denver, CO. 80203
Telephone: (303) 866-5932
Fax: (303) 866-5563

d) DHS serving Denver County (covering Denver, the city)
Mgr: Roxane White
1200 Federal Blvd.
Denver 80204-3221
Tel (720) 944-3666
Fax (720) 944-3096

e) Office of Homeless Youth Services / CDHS
Coordinator: Andy Johnson
4020 S. Newton Street
Denver, CO 80236
Telephone: 303-866-7366

f) Denver’s Road Home
Project Manager: Jamie Van Leeuwen, Ph.D.
1200 Federal Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80204
Phone: 720-944-2506
Fax: 303-944-3083

** Source:  The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

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